Apothecary Company ~ This Woman-Owned Company is Healing and Sharing Her Duality

Apothecary Company is the handmade, organic, easy to use and easy to understand self-love solution. This Loveland, Colorado company combines holistic healing and the beauty industry. The owner, Sarah Lore, an intuitive empath, Reiki healer, and Aesthetician was the perfect human to bring these products to life. Her expertise brings a symbiosis to the market. 

Apothecary Company was born in 2015, after going through a holistic healing journey of her own, Sarah started this company, inspired by her battle with an auto-immune disease. At that point, it was clear to Sarah that she needed to make it her mission to ‘create products that work to balance hormones and the delicate energy centers in the body.’ 

The Unicorn Magic Shielding Spray, Sex Magic Enchantment Elixir, and Abracadabra Sleep Elixir are fantastic for harnessing the spirit for each moment of life. These products were created with energy as their center, each helping us to relax, enjoy, and embrace each avenue of life. Good vibes only! 

Apothecary Co. is a line of metaphysical bath and body products that harness the healing powers of crystals, botanicals, and essential oils.

Sarah has found that the thing that makes her tick is inspiring others to live a life full of magic. Her products are exactly that, full of magic. Vegan and cruelty-free products made in small batches with extra marvelous energy infused. Apothecary Company is a vegan and cruelty-free company that continues to win us over. Also sustainably sourced, Apothecary Company is honoring Mother Earth in every bottle.

Try the Full Moon Surrender Spray and New Moon Manifesting Spray to add something extra special to your moon rituals. When you are experiencing your moon find some relief with the Moon Cycle Cramp Relief Oil with Rose Quartz & Castor Oil. 



More about Paige, the author :
I am a Digital Marketer, Master Reiki Practitioner, and teach children mindfulness and self-love. I am a triple Cancer and lover of LoFi Hip-Hop. In my free time, I enjoy studying all things wellness, moving my body, and a good book. 

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