A Wellness Coach's Top 7 Gift Picks for Women On-The-Go


Meet Jess from Life with a Kiss...
Jess is a busy entrepreneur & founder of Life with a Kiss. When she's not teaching modern women how to rock the busy lifestyle with daily hacks, nutrition, Keto tips, and exercise, she's keeping it all together — working toward balance and radiance every day. She believes magic comes from many things, but abundant positivity and a sexy red lip never hurts.

Here, she shares her top 7 gift picks for the busy, soulful woman on your list. 

#1. Work Your Light Oracle Card Deck

For a busy gal, life can quickly pile-up and lead to overwhelm. I love this beautiful card deck for taking a moment to reset, reflect, and find a little introspection. These cards are not only eye-candy, but the concepts are also inspiring and can help when you're drawing a blank for your daily intentions or mindful meditations as well. Plus! You can't beat a beautiful, done-for-you gift under $20! 
$18  |  Rebecca Campbell

#2. Day Two Natural Dry Shampoo

No-brainer! I couldn't live without a dry shampoo with all my workouts, hectic schedule, and early meetings - I keep this in my gym bag, my car, and of course - my bathroom. For those days I'm running behind, brushing my teeth and a sprinkle of Day Two is a necessity. The perfect stocking stuffer or addition to a care basket for sure. 
$16  |  Ginger June

#3. Tidal Rose Crystal Hydration Face Mist 

This hydrating mist smells heavenly, hydrates my skin, and helps me set my makeup as a finishing spritz. Bonus that it's been infused with rose quartz crystals, I can just feel the love every time I use it. Another great stocking stuffer or I also love pairing it with a clay mask, a facial roller, and a moisturizer for a gift set.
$16  |  Earth Harbor

#4. High Vibrational Beauty : Recipes and Rituals for Radical Self-Care

This book includes how-to's, recipes, and hacks for the modern woman - the ultimate go-to guide for self-care and ritualistic living. I keep this book on my coffee table, friends love it for inspiration too!
$27  |  CAP Beauty

#5. Modern One-Line a Day Journal 

If you're a busy gal who's craving a moment each day to yourself for reflection and/or a gratitude practice, this journal is my jam. All it asks for is one line a day. So when you've had a day that just won't quit - you can probably find the one-minute you'll need to keep up with this journal. I keep it by my bedside and write my line before bed. Easy, soulful, and inspiring. 
$16  |  Chronicle

#6. Tea Infuser Glass Travel Mug

I love my loose leaf teas for wellness, especially in winter, but I have to admit - I seriously might not have time to steep before I need to get out the door. If it's been one of those days - or heck, if it's been one of those weeks - this Tea Infuser Mug is my go-to. It fits in my car's cupholder and when the steeping time is up, I can simply remove the metal partition and enjoy my tea. I also love it in the summer with lemon, cucumber, or raspberries!
$25  |  Pinky Up

#7. Rise, Flow, Chill Daily Ritual Oils 

I hugged a girlfriend of mine the other day and she went bananas over my scent - I just love this trio! They are the perfect size for my purse. I love that they can set me up for a long day and encourage deep breathing with every application. First, you Rise and ease into the day, then Flow for finding my rhythm, and finally, Chill for letting it all go at the end of the night. Would make such a great gift for the busy girl - the gold caps feel luxe and the scents are uplifting and delicate enough to not knock out her officemates. 
$34  |  LUA Skincare 


Jessica Suzanne is a Certified Fitness, Health and Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach who combines nutrition, movement and mindset hacks that fit into your everyday life, to deliver fast and long-lasting results.

After living and breathing the corporate lifestyle for over 15 years, Jess understands how difficult it can be to lead a healthy lifestyle while dealing with the overwhelm of a busy schedule. She knows that there’s nothing more frustrating than having the desire to live a healthier life, but feeling like you don’t have the time or the tools to do so.

It’s Jess’ passion to work with women to overcome the weight-loss mountain, and fall in love with their bodies from the inside out...all while continuing to be the beautiful busy-babe that you are. Her dream is to provide every woman with her very own girl-on-the-go toolbox, so she can step out into the world with confidence, energy and as the best, healthiest and sexiest version of herself Every. Single. Day! Jess offers customized meal and fitness plans, personal one-on-one coaching tailored to your specific goals and an exclusive Kiss’d by Keto® Club membership, which she only opens up four times a year.

Jess is offering all Jupiter subscribers a FREE 30-minute consultation through the end of the year to discuss your struggles, goals, and aspirations, so you’re ready to rock with a plan come 2020!


You can learn more about Jess and Life with a Kiss by visiting her website HERE.