Smudging 101 – Get Rid of the Bad Juju!

Clear energy & lift your spirits with this purification ritual that can literally be performed anywhere - your house, your car, your office! Smudge as often as you’d like to wake up a stagnant space in your life.

Practiced for centuries in many cultures, burning sacred herbs to purify your space and spirit can be transformative, nurturing, and enlightening. There are no rules to “smudging” or “saging”, but we have a few suggestions for the newbie:

Times of your life when smudging may make sense? You are...

  • feeling stuck
  • wanting to move on from past experiences
  • tense or frustrated
  • out of alignment
  • weighed down by “life stuff”
  • ready to let go of an ex
  • moved/moving into a new house
  • having trouble sleeping
  • still feeling the impact of a heavy argument
  • celebrating a new chapter
  • feeling a renewal, cleanse, or reset is simply calling you
  • not wanting it to be Monday... 😂

Our Monday Fresh Start Smudge Routine

We smudge on Mondays - it's one of our most soothing ways to begin the week.

Ready to smudge? First, it’s nice to begin with a tidy space - whatever that means for you. If we know anything about energies in a space, it first, wants to feel respected & loved - and that can come by taking good care in pulling it together. Don't feel the need to get everything spotless (unless that's exhilarating for you) just give it some love.

Next, prepare your intentions. Sit, stand, or sway mindfully in the center of the space you wish to clear. Calm your breath, calm your mind, and speak the intentions you have for the ritual. We like to say what we're thinking out loud (this makes it real), but we're usually alone - and understand that can get a little weird if you're in a busy office space. 😉


Pssst - the energies in the intention process can be amplified with crystals if you prefer - simply hold a stone or stones in your hands while reciting or setting your intentions, close to the chakra that suits your desires. For example - if you are in your office, and it’s been a hard year money-wise, you could be smudging to pave the way for a raise. This practice could be boosted by a Pyrite stone. Hold it in your hands, behind your back at the base of your spine to activate your Root Chakra while you're setting your intention. This is a fun part of smudging, but isn’t necessary - and anything goes! 

We also love putting a Selenite crystal in the center of the space, as well as corresponding crystals or stones in the natural four corners of a space. 


Once you feel clear about your goals, light your smudging piece - (we have many options in our smudge shop) - Or begin spraying your room mist - whichever you prefer. In small rooms, you can even simply light a candle in the center, meditate, and then blow out the candle, turning around in a circle when the smoke begins to rise. Some prefer to begin in the center of a room, working in circles from the inside out, some go in any direction they please - and it's all good. 

If you have a large feather or fan handy, these can help to work the smoke out and about in the space. 

You can smudge for as long or short as you'd like - there are no rules! You can smudge the whole house or just a corner, again - no rules! 

What can you expect to happen after smudging?

For us, a thorough smudging brings a new life to a stale space. Something feels fresh, invigorated, and excited to begin anew. 

We say with all our love, as with much of our spiritual tools, rituals, and journeys, who knows where smudging will take you. The universe gives us what we need, but putting the intention and speaking it into our world helps us heal and clear the way to bring in the positive energies we seek in our lives. It's all a curious process of wonderment, and the results are always up to you. 

Faves from our Smudge Shop:


*This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This information is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Crystals and stones are naturally comprised of energetic vibrations and their impact is totally up to you and your healing practices.