Steep the Moon Phases : Soak in a Different Kind of Bath

We’re not ritual newbies, but Moon Bath has taken self-care and embracing lunar cycles to an entirely new spiritual realm. Moon Bath, a women-owned, Colorado company was created to ‘ignite the modern bathing renaissance’. Taking the teachings of Ayurvedic medicine, Moon Bath recreates the saltwater bath in ancient teachings, a ritual aiding the body in purification and cleaning of the energetic body. Enjoy the magic of intentions, water, and plant medicine while activating your soul. 

Believe it or not, prior to its onset brand owners Dakota and Sierra were not as enthusiastic about bathing. This funky and earthy duo was inspired to look deeper because of a dear friend, a true self-love junkie, who opened their eyes to the magic that can be made in a bathtub. Turns out, the combination of steeping intention, paying homage to the moon, and the comforting, warm water was exactly what each of them had been looking for. 

After their experience, it became clear they needed to reintroduce bathing as a ritual by combining their forces. Dakota, an adventurer and lover of truth and movement and Sierra, an Ayurvedic practitioner and digital nomad with a green thumb. Together they created Moon Bath from their knowledge of ancient teachings and modern magic. 

Their Bath Teas correspond to each phase of the moon in hopes of enhancing connections with one's self and the moon. This product has 3 simple steps; Steep, Soak, and Integrate. The company has branched out and created additional products to assist the sacred ritual of self-care. Open space and allow yourself the luxury of slowing down and absorbing organic plant medicine. 

‘Moon Bath holds a deep reverence for the plants, materials, and the people involved in the production of our products. We strive to inspire the global community to re-engage with stewardship of our precious earth and communities by taking action to reduce our environmental footprint, uplift one another, and invest in regenerative practices.’

As a company, it was important to create a business that would be able to adapt and produce products that would not only be good for a consumer, but for the planet and community as well. Moon Bath has made a commitment to reduce its impact by using sustainable ingredients, recycled materials, and donating to organizations committed to doing the same. As a company, they see how much a single business can have an impact on the collective.

They mean well in all areas of our universe too - in the dark times of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, Moon Bath committed to donating 30% of proceeds to the dismantling and disruption of systemic racism and oppression. Their continued dedication to people and the wellbeing of the collective is apparent. They vow to use their business's power wisely to invest in black communities and businesses, highlight Black voices on their platform and reassess relationships that don’t align with the movement. 

It’s beautifully clear that Moon Bath was created for the world we all currently live in. It was started as a vessel for understanding our connection with nature and the collective. Allowing their business practices, social, and sustainability beliefs to be a focus of their business is so aligned with their products. Intention has been a leading catalyst from the beginning. 

From the jump, we’ve loved Moon Bath. 

We’ve recently restocked their beloved Bath Teas and added the Moon Dew Face Mist, Sacred Smoke Burn Blend, Cosmic Glow Face Mask and Milk and Honey Sundance Sea Bath Salts & Body Scrub to the shop.

You’ll fall in love too. Is it time for a bath? 

— Paige 

Here’s a little about myself. I am a Digital Marketer, Master Reiki Practitioner, and teach children mindfulness and self-love. I am a triple Cancer, and fitting I know, a big lover of baths and synchronicities. In my free time, I enjoy studying all things wellness, moving my body, and a good book.