Join Our Challenge : 2,020 Minutes of Magical Meditation This Year

We are SO stoked to bring you our very first self-love challenge, two thousand twenty minutes of meditation in one year - say you're with us?!

Gettin' down to it, this essentially equals 5.5 or so minutes a day of meditation, (to be exact, if you meditated 365 days this year, it would be 5.534 minutes a day : ))  But! We know that everyday meditation can be a hard thing to achieve - life happens. Here's what we're aiming for:

5 meditation minutes a day at least 5 days a week

10 meditation minutes for each new and full moon

30 meditation minutes for each equinox and solstice

In order to keep track of your minutes and enjoy learning more + guided meditations, we recommend these apps:

The Mindfulness App



Are you in?! If so, tag us along your journey - we'd LOVE to see you out there:


If you need any convincing to begin a dedicated meditation practice this year...

Our top reasons to meditate: 

1) Your health: Meditation can relieve stress, anxiety, level emotions and emotional decisions, as well as encourage proper breathing and posture. Committing to a long meditation practice can also possibly help with insomnia. 

2) Your sanity: Taking a break amongst the chaotic waves of life can benefit not only you and your mind, but your focus at work, as well as the way you appreciate and treat others in your life.

3) Negative space: Giving your mind the space to relax in peace will be soothing for the entire soul, and can help you focus on the path you truly need to take. It can allow for new ideas, manifestation, and fresh perspectives on recurring thoughts.

4) Peacefulness: When you clear your mind, you can experience the nurturing existence of wholeness. This can lead to feeling complete and without wanting, which in turn can bring an overall feeling of ease to bring into the rest of your day and routines. 

5) Self-care: When you take the time for yourself every day - even for only 5 minutes - you can bring a new understanding and appreciation for yourself with gratitude and all you can do to bring your light to this world. 


How to meditate? Here's the gist:

Sit in a comfortable position, deeply relax, close your eyes, find stillness, and tune in to your breathing. 

It can literally be as simple as that.

Here are our favorite tips for starting a meditation practice:

1) As you follow your breathing and thoughts arise, acknowledge them, then let them go. One of our favorite tricks is to think of yourself in a canoe on a calm lake. Every once in awhile a small wave will come by, but you can stay still, knowing the wave will leave you and gently roll away. Remember, the idea isn't to completely clear your mind, it's to find stillness of the mind ...annnd it definitely takes practice.

2) If thoughts are reoccurring or you find a spark during your year or phases in meditation, write them in your journal when you are finished. Sometimes the mind keeps things present for underlying reasons, and with continued practice, you may soon unveil their true meanings. 

3) There's no right way {or place, or space} to meditate. You can meditate with your dog on the couch, standing in the kitchen while your tea brews, or on your front porch in the breeze. What we love to do is take a quick sec to ask your soul what it's craving, then go there - and let your mind have some space to soak it all in. 

We hope these simple tips help you get excited for our meditation challenge! Follow along with us for a few guided exercises, tools for deeper meditation, a meditation space tour, and much more this year. Follow us on Instagram to stay in the loop and tag us with your journey #jupitermeditation2020