Work Your Word : The Helpful Powers of Choosing a Word of the Year

Have you chosen a word of the year yet?

Hi! Court here, founder of this little shop. I have this practice of deep journaling in January every year that leads me to my word of the year. Usually, this is deeply founded in what I was missing from last year. Sometimes, my mind surprises me though and delivers a whole new idea of a word that we never saw coming. Ahhhh, the mysteries of life 🤣

Here's the gist of the meditation, reflection practice, or journaling exercise I go through to search for my word:

Reflect on last year. Take it slow...
Remember the highs. Embrace your dear memories and feel their warmth.
Remember the lows. Thank your hard experiences, let them go as you need. 
What is one word that sums up last year? 
If you had a word in 2019 do you feel you followed its spirit?

Imagine your life in 2020, picking up the tempo...
Visualize your life in a glowing, happy light. Put on your rose-colored glasses!
What do you need this year?
Who or what can help get you there?
How will you feel if you can meet your goals?
Which word embodies the action +/ concept that will help get you there? 

Sometimes a few words come to mind - go ahead and write them all down. Give it a few days and see if anything keeps coming up for you in your daily life. Listen in, it could be a very gentle nudge or underlying current as well.

My word this year? 


Last year was pretty tough with a devastating family car accident. My word was "ease" and boy, was that the most wonderful word to help guide me through it all. 

This year, I'm shaking all that shit off and living the most f-u-n year I possibly can.

Throughout the year, your word can be as strong as iron. It can literally be the one thing you can rely on, if everything hits the fan, that you can always turn to in its absolute simplicity.

So here's how you work that word, friend!

Let this word be a VIP in major decisions.

Let this word be the feeling you seek when you're searching for presence.  

Let this word quality check your relationships, obligations, and workload, or simply when things feel "off".

Let go and let this word be your focus when you're stressed, angry, disappointed, or out of tune. Remember, just like Danielle LaPorte tells us, "feeling good is the primary intention."

If you keep coming back to it, your word will look after you, embrace you when you need guidance, help to realign your path, and may make it easier to find your center amidst crazy times. 

To carry good vibes throughout the year, reflect regularly on your word - where is it coming to you the most in your life? When does it seem to redirect you? How is your life resonating with this word? ...Are you still on good terms with this word and the decision to commit? 

It's nice to truly stick to your word of the year - it helps to teach focus and sel-discipline, and it often helps you remember the years past and their most influential moments. But! If you're finding this exercise too binding, why not have a word of the month, or quarter? You know we love options, and again - there are no rules!

Cheers to a FUN 2020, y'all go work your word! XO
Founder of Jupiter Goods