Exhale the bullsh*t / Shake it Off Rituals to Help Release What No Longer Serves You

Hi friend! Court here, founder of Jupiter - and I have to go at this ritual in full disclosure: I have a hard time dwelling on things and I have a very tough-love approach to this ritual. I guess I come from the perspective that I'm sincerely just happy to be alive, and when it comes to shit that doesn't serve my highest self - I simply don't have the time. Here's my philosophy:

In essence, L I F E   I S   S H O R T. We are SO mortal and have a limited time on this earth. Will you choose to live in an anxious frame of anger, worry, regret, or disappointment?

OR can you flip the script and understand : 

We are all just students ~ of every lesson learned. Money, time, and pride lost to moments that tear us down - consider them "tuition to the universe." Opinions are just a different point of view.

Here's a trick and sorta mantra/ritual/meditation I live by. I believe it came from Tim Ferriss but I can't exactly place it for the life of me:

GIVE YOURSELF 3 MINUTES TO BE UPSET. 180 SECONDS. That's all you get. After that - you're not allowed to go back. You have to let go and move on. For your sanity, your health, the people around you. 

We created our Shake It Off Crystal Kit with crystals and stones that are all about strength, forgiveness, protection, and courage. 

This Kit Includes:
Bloodstone ~ a green stone with red flecks that is said to encourage healthy habits, motivation, & vitality.
Tiger Iron ~ A beautiful brown & gold layered stone that can help encourage action, energy, & balance.
Hematite ~ This reflective black stone is said to absorb negativity, encouraging balance & protection.
Tourmaline ~ This textural black stone is said to help boost protection, grounding, & boundaries.
Sodalite ~ This royal blue stone encourages rational thought, objectivity, & self-trust + confidence.
Yellow Jasper ~ A bold yellow stone that can help amplify the happy, confident, best version of yourself.
Palo Santo ~ For cleansing the crystals, other objects & tools that serve your journey, and to refresh your space.

If you have a Shake It Off Crystal + Palo Santo kit, or any other stones that channel like-minded energy for you, try holding these, or surrounding yourself by these stones during your meditations. There are no rules!

A few other things you can try with protective/courageous stones like these:

Go G E T  P H Y S I C A L — H A V E  F U N !
I am so serious when I say, get your ass outside, clean the house, take a kickboxing class, run with your dogs. Do anything that pushes your physical body to focus your soul away from your emotional mind. Toss the crystal or stone that resonates with you in your pocket or bra and let it hold the intention for whichever adventure you choose.

Let go with a scrappy journal or paper - then BURN IT. 
It may seem dramatic if you're not "super-woo", but a burn book is never a bad idea if you have a safe setup. Find something you wouldn't mind losing, write allllll the thoughts, feelings, regrets out in permanent ink. 

  1. Put this small paper or notebook (hopefully without any synthetic materials) in a fire-safe place. 
  2. Add a stone from the kit that feels good for this ritual. Place it on top of the journal. 
  3. Slowly light the book on fire. Place it in a fire-safe vessel. If the fire goes out, light that match all over again 'til it's done burning. 
  4. Watch and really dive into the flames. Let it aLLLLLL gooooo....
  5. When the fire is extinguished - (give this several hours after the fire is done - please be safe here) you can retrieve your crystal or stone, dust it off, and let it be a metaphor for your soul - the Pheonix to rise from the ashes. 

So fun! 

In closing, remember to protect yourself and your happiness. I received a suggestion many, many years ago that I still hold onto: 

Be very aware of the way you let others affect you. 

Seriously - those words saved my life when I didn't even know how malleable I was in my relationships.

We hope these rituals help you in navigating a few ways to cope with stress, unwanted energies, and people in your life that may no longer serve you. We are wishing you the very best on this earth!

XO Jupiter