Highly Meditated ~ Rituals We Love

"When we don't have that centered and balanced space within us, that smoothness and peace to take off the rough edges of our day to day lives, nor the time to truly focus on what matters in life, that's when our suffering can begin, and continue. This place of peace and happiness can only be found within." —Melissa Crowhurst

Hi there! Court here, founder of Jupiter. Can we be honest - meditation is not something you need a guide for - it is simply conscious breathing, right? But! we never shy away from tricks and rituals to keep our soul vibrating higher - and here are our favorite concepts we've learned along our journey that may take your meditations to the next level, or put a spin on things to keep it interesting.

To begin - prepare your zone - aka "sacred space" or "power spot"

This is the place that is all yours, brings you happiness and is safe and peaceful - free from unwanted distractions. We understand this might not be available to everyone, so this can even be a temporary space - like sitting on the best cushion on the couch 5 minutes before your housemates come home, underneath the 60-year-old tree in the park with the breathtaking view of the mountains, heck, even in your bed, with your incense and crystals on a safe spot on your side table. The idea is that you can somehow dedicate a physical space in your life to the spiritual side of your soul. 

Quick ideas for your space:

~ Comfort ~ If you're choosing to create a space where you'll be sitting on the floor (we love this btw, to connect and ground to the earth) why not try an amazing meditation cushion? A soft, cozy blanket or floor pillows will also help. If you're in transit, try a soft pair of socks or a scarf.

~ Aromatherapy ~ Our Highly Meditated Crystal Kit includes a stick of Palo Santo for cleansing and a spark to move energies, but you can also bring in room or body sprays, roll-on scents, candles, incense - whatever sparks joy for you - and keep in mind each day may be different. For instance, if you're healing and releasing, Rose may be a good scent to bring in. If you need calm after a long day, try Lavender - each natural scent has many magical powers.

~ Sound ~ Of course, you can meditate in silence - we bow down, wise one! But if you'd like to bring in soothing tunes, go for it. We like to ask our Google smart hub to play "Guided Meditation" on Pandora and we love it for its combination of nature and soft, whimsical, majestic forest vibes. There are also SO many apps we love that have nice background music and you can even set a timer to end your practice in the soothing sounds of a meditation bell if you don't have one readily available. Here's a post with a list of our favorite meditation apps.

~ Crystals ~ We love meditating with crystals. You can hold them in your hand - choosing which and however many feel good to you. You can place them on your altar or around the corners of your room. You can even place them in your candles, bra, pocket, or surrounding your body on the floor. The idea, even if you're like me and can't physically "feel" vibrations, is to find wonder and intention with these bits of earth that have been revered for centuries.

Our own curated Highly Meditated Crystal Kit comes with the following crystals we love for their soothing, focusing, ethereal vibes:
Amethyst ~ A purple crystal that may help boost love & light, cleansing, + your spiritual connections & intuition.
Selenite ~ An iridescent white crystal believed to clear energy blockages, remove negativity, & realign the heart.
Malachite ~ A wavy, bright green crystal that is said to cleanse the chakras & promote healing transformations.
Serpentine ~ This light green stone is believed to have a light for wisdom, groundedness, & spiritual clarity.
Rainbow Fluorite ~ A green & purple crystal with high vibes that may enhance focus & mental clarity.
Smoky Quartz ~ A warm grey crystal that can encourage cleansing, grounding, & releasing.

Next, after you've determined a safe space, you're ready to:
a) Sit down and meditate - really, it's that simple!
b) Scope how much time you have and how deep you can go...

Here are the types of meditations we love for modern women:

(Under 5 minutes) Spot Meditations
I use this style all the time, and usually, it's under a minute - when I desperately need to hit the reset button. There's a mantra I love to reference when I am positively overwhelmed, via For the Love of the Game (I sh*t you not, featuring Kevin Costner - circa 1999):

" C L E A R   T H E   M E C H A N I S M "

Simply put, when you're overwhelmed, disconnect from the world around you by blurring it all out, muting the noise, and clearing the mechanism, AKA - your mind. Imagine the world around you is “sucked up in a vacuum” and you’re the only one in your mind on this planet in that very moment. It’s wildly liberating.
The most simple and true form of meditation - this "spot meditation" style is all about starting with a single conscious breath and continuing for as long as you can or need, until you feel your pulse settling, your tension easing.

Along the lines of spot meditations, there are also “Active” or “Moving Meditations”

These are quick, effortless meditations while your body is in motion and your eyes, wide open. Think: tuning in while doing something routine… like washing the dishes. Instead of approaching your chore with aversion, try enjoying the warmth of the water, the floral scent of the dish soap, the cleansing process to reveal something sparkling that was once dirty, and the act of putting the chaos back into order when it’s all done. These “active” or “moving” meditations can work to ultimately change your perspective and bring more positivity into your day.

(Under 30 minutes) Micro Meditations
This is my happy place. I take a 10-minute meditation break every workday at 11:11 am. I don't know why - it just feels like a really nice time to getaway. You'll find a time that feels great too. The idea here is to quiet your mind in a way that sustains ultimate rest and calm for 5 or more minutes.

Your thoughts will come in! This is totally normal - let them roll. Just be sure to acknowledge them and let them pass on by. This is the most important part when it comes to sustaining a still mind for more than a handful of minutes. Give yourself the grace to accept the ideas and thoughts that come to you, and the strength to release them back into the neverlands of your mind. Then - get back to focusing on the rhythm of your breath - the depth and whole-body feel of each inhalation/exhalation.

Breathwork mantras are some of my favorite ways to change my channel when I’ve drifted deep into thoughts wave on wave. Here are two of my favorite mantras for connecting with my breath when my mind just won’t quit:

B R E A T H E   I N : (Think or say) “L E T”
B R E A T H E   O U T : (Think or say) “G O“


B R E A T H E   I N : (Think or say) “D I V E”
B R E A T H E   O U T : (Think or say) “D E E P E R“

(30 minutes to hours) Maintenance Meditations
These meditations are SOOOOO indulgent that I actually have to plan them out with my family (hello two tiny sons, two dogs, a husband, plants, and ALL the housework!). But I love to make time for these quarterly and to channel with the seasons, I love to schedule these on the spring / fall equinox and the summer / winter solstice. If it’s warm enough outside, I LOVE to do these on my porch, but if not, I like to find a window the closest to the moon. They can last as long as you want, but I’d recommend a good hour or more to really feel the deep, lasting effects.

These meditations can start off tough for the busy “monkey mind” but are essential for really diving deep and taking great care of your soul. Next to your breath and mantras we’ve already discussed, this is a great time to celebrate your peaceful time with visualizations. Just imagine the happiest place on earth - and go there to explore your subconscious mind.

A couple of visualizations I love in deeper meditations:

1) You’re in a canoe on a mountain lake in June : ). It’s early morning and the lake is calm. You are warm, but there is a slight crisp chill in the air. The sun is waking up in a lazy fog, slowly rising. In your peripheral you can see a thought coming your way - it takes the form of a slow, gentle wave. It greets the canoe and rolls under rocking you a bit, but then it continues to roll away toward the other side of the shore. When there aren’t waves, you are simply at peace, in the sounds of pitter patter from the lakewater on the exterior of your canoe, a little happy fish jumping here and there.

2) You’re in a hammock, somewhere in a mystical paradise : ). It’s warm, but the ocean breeze is beautiful and the smell of sea minerals and kelp balance out with wild plumeria and hibiscus. You are weightless in your hammock under a thick canopy with eyes closed. An occasional thought comes through like a joyous flicker of light through the treetops. You know it is fleeting. Just continue to sway and find peace, one breath at a time. The thoughts are there, but you are not chasing them. You are not investigating or solving problems in this moment. Technically, it is the same “off the clock” mentality as when you’re on a much-needed vacation.

Meditations for longer periods of time are a great time to use an app, gentle timer, or your own singing bowl or bell to keep you anchored and coming back to focusing on your breath. It will also let you know gently when it's time to return to earth : ).


There you have it! These are our above all, absolute favorite meditation rituals and tips we’ve picked up in many years of doing the work. What are your faves? Comment below!

Founder, Jupiter Goods