The "Good" Breakup ~ Healing Rituals We Love

This ritual is for anyone stuck in a healing rut after a breakup, separation, or divorce. We understand that every breakup involves several layers of emotional stress, so we'll dive into our senses to pay gratitude toward the lessons and beautiful times we've had, allow forgiveness, and to release what is no longer serving our next-chapter-self. 

Speaking of your next chapter, we're willing to bet this is the first time – in a lonnng time – that you've focused on Y-O-U. And while that's completely understandable, that's also a realization that will help you really level up your healing powers. We are constantly changing, renewing, evolving, and this is a beautiful time to get to know who you are these days, and what your heart is truly craving in this new journey. 

Please remember - these are only our suggestions - you do you! While we believe in the power of spiritual practices like these, you definitely will want to be in a good place in your life to accept and heal. Repeating this ritual as often as you feel the emotional overwhelm is absolutely recommended!

Tools we love for healing from relationships: 

Find a space where you spent the majority of good times with your partner in your shared dwelling. If you cannot get back to a space you shared, simply find a safe, calm area in your new place. Bonus points if you find yourself in your relationship bagua, the back right corner of your living space from the front door.

First, arrive in your space prepared to open your next chapter. Take 5 slow, deep breaths and set your own, unique intention with the universe. At this point in time, you may be angry, hurt, relieved, joyful, deeply saddened, or all of the above. It is ALL OK. Embrace the emotions that come up for you here. These are the beautiful qualities that make us all human beings. Feeling these emotions fully, and also fully releasing them, will help you to move on.

Place the crystals from The Good Breakup Healing Kit in front of you and intersperse them with the tokens of your relationship. Or, if the relationship or final chapter involved much pain, place them in between you and the tokens as a protective barrier.

This kit includes:
Angelite ~ A heavenly blue stone that can help with openness to compassion, nurturing, & spiritual alignment.
Ruby in Fuchsite ~ A deep green stone with ruby bits that may help to channel heart healing & strengthen self-awareness.
Botswana Agate ~ This beautiful swirly pink stone is said to help ease transitions, boost positivity, & welcome grace.
Serpentine ~ This light green stone is believed to focus on healing energies toward areas of emotional pain.
Rhodonite ~ A deep pink & black stone that can encourage love, healing, & the journey for your highest potential.
Unakite ~ An earthy pink and green stone that represents emotional and mental healing, nurturing, & kindness.
Palo Santo ~ For cleansing the crystals, other objects & tools that serve your journey, and to refresh your space.

We suggest turning on soothing music for healing, or uplifting tunes for releasing - whatever feels best.
Light a candle or bring in an essential oil blend you love.

Next, find your cleansing tool. Light it slowly, and either cleanse the entire room by walking or dancing in a motion that feels good (corners to corners, circling from the center out, or simply no pattern at all) or keep it close to you by guiding it in a circle from head to heart and then leaving it in a safe dish in front of you. The concept here is to cleanse, rid, or release the old, stagnant, or negative energies held in your space. If you have a window to open and you need to banish bad energy, open it up and set it free. *Please note, while you're smudging, it's nice to have a lighter to re-light your tool a few times throughout the cleansing. You can use a fan or your hand to wave the smoke further into the room. 

Now we prepare for a guided mantra meditation of sorts. Once you read through your prompts, close your eyes. Feel free to speak your own truth for each, or only the ones that feel good for you. 

To begin, we thank our partner. Recite any or all. Hold the healing crystals that call to you in an open palm(s). Rest the back of your wrists on your knees or stable surface in front of you. The idea of open palms here is acceptance.

* Thank you for the many lessons you taught me, for better or worse.* 
... I will rise from this stronger of heart, mind, and soul.
* Thank you for the good times we've shared.*
... I will have the good times to remember you by. I release the memories that do not serve me, I hold the memories {at a distance} that have taught me hard lessons I hope to not forget. 
* Thank you for love between us in the time we had together* 
... It helps me understand that I deserve love, I am open to love, and I will love again. I am enough.

Next, we need to forgive. 
Recite any or all. Hold the healing crystals that call to you in your closed fists and place them on top of your shoulders, crossed over your body, over your heart, or over your crown chakra. The idea of closed fists here is protection. Here are a few mantras we love:

* The root of all suffering is attachment. 
... I will not carry the burden of your emotional weight with me into my next chapter. We have closed our book. It's time for me to write a new one. 
* I am a student of the universe, and you were one of my most influential teachers.
... I appreciate what you taught me, for better or worse. It's time for the next level, for me to learn all new languages of love. It's time for me to explore again.
* Today is a good day for me to find new love, in whatever way that may come.  
... I forgive you, and leave you in my past. I wish you well, as I release you to find your new path and love again.

Now, it's time to release.
This doesn't need a mantra or concept. This part is a feeling. Sometimes, it's a deep sensation that will wash over you, sometimes you chip away at it when you realize the powers of your mantras. Only you will know when it's time. There may be tears, there may be a feeling of overwhelming elation - let it happen.

While you're working to find true release, we love to take a sec to think of the physical objects that are still in your life. These objects that you brought to this ritual? Now's the time to address their next journey.

  • Will they burn? Hey, it's a little dramatic - but we get it ; ).
  • Will they go to a new home through donations?
  • Will they live in a peaceful box until you know exactly what the f*ck to do with them? Put them in that box and close the lid, girl.

There's a chance, especially with objects that call to a beautiful time you shared together, that one day, all the negative vibes will fade away and these objects will indeed, bring you joy again - just in a different, less-emotional more younger-days kinda way.

In closing, place your crystals or other protective, healing objects in a place where the two of you spent most of your time together or that bring up happy, or even painful memories. The next best spot is in the relationship gua of your space. For a little while, it may seem this place hurts, emotionally, and we hope these objects will remind you that happiness and love come from within YOU, not your partner. They will remind you that you're on a journey to heal, and you have the power to make it through this. 

Every day is a new day to start again and find joy.

We sincerely believe that every relationship in our lives is meant to be a part of our story for a reason. In an adventure to vibrate on a higher frequency, every day - some things must be left behind. We hope that this ritual of gratitude, forgiveness, and release will help you heal and grow even stronger than before. 

Founder of Jupiter Goods