about us

we're all about self-care, spiritual mojo, & soulful living

We believe in the magic that comes from self-love, embracing spiritual vibes, & choosing happiness, every day.

We're dedicated to supporting women makers & giving back to those who need love.

We hope our goods inspire you to live a bright, abundant life here on earth.

Meet Courtney Oliver Founder of Jupiter Goods

It's so great to see you, hello!

Courtney here, friends call me Court. I'm the founder of this dreamy little shop. Nice to meet you! 

Just to get the gist of why I've curated Jupiter Goods...
At a young age, I realized that I was a little different in the way I viewed the universe. I always felt connected to something of a higher power - my source -where I drew intrinsic motivation to find joy, drive, and courage. Today, I'm a pretty busy gal - I have three businesses, two boys, a mid century house that needs ALL the love, and an abundant collection of plants and animals. In the midst of all this "beautiful mess" I consider myself a modern woman who practices to find balance, spiritual connection, and intention in my life, every single day.

If that sounds like you or someone you know - you're in a great place. This collection of maker goods was designed to delight souls like ours. We're spiritually inspired, want to shop small & with intention, and love to support women makers.

I can only hope that our products bring a new spark to your everyday routine that is meditative, balancing, uplifting ~ grounding (whatever you may need), and all levels of inspiring so that you have the foundation set to go forth and set this cruel world on [metaphysical] fire. 

When you shop with us, I want you to feel that this is a magical boutique you stumbled upon one beautiful summer day in your favorite little town. Every order comes with a note, packed up with love, and sent with blessings into this universe. Jupiter Goods is truly "shopping small" and our team is dedicated to supporting your spiritual, self-love journey and the small-batch makers and authors we sell. We are also cruelty-free and dedicated to giving back. 

We donate 3% of proceeds every month to local organizations that care for animals, children + families, and our planet.

Our shop is only online at the moment, but we're based in sunny Colorado right between Boulder and Denver. We feel like we belong to this place, along with many of our makers and spiritual gurus. Perhaps it's all the vibrant rocks we're surrounded by, or the altitude + natural high, but there's something very lively about our Colorado terrain and the extraordinary people that thrive here.

simply put, we believe in magic

Magic, on a very light-hearted, simply nuanced level. : ) ... In simple curiosities for crystals, nature, yoga, meditation, all the way over to profound acts of the universe (seriously, we could write a book about believing in the power and humor of the universe). But all in all, we believe that through a loving, fun, and guided practice in navigating your highs and lows, you can imagine and cultivate a pretty dreamy world.

If you'd like to get in touch, please do! I would love to hear from you. hello@jupitergoods.com

why Jupiter?

I've loved Jupiter as a planet since I was young, but along our spiritual journey we're continuously discovering the incredible layers of Jupiter's magical disposition.

He (yes he) is astrologically the planet connected with curiosity, luck, and good fortune, which sincerely embodies the spark of imagination where Jupiter Goods began. 

He has many moons (67, 79, who knows?), which, in our opinion, are the celestial embodiment of abundance and cyclic rituals. 

I love that, as a woman-run company, Jupiter and all his masculinity provides a little yang to the yin, if you know what I mean 😉

I also enjoy that he's the brightest over Colorado during our dreamy summer months - a season of peak botanical growth, natural joy, and community connection.

what level of magic are we on?

I believe the Jupiter tribe is a set of women who are modern, curious, intentional, and when it comes to the products they purchase - they like to shop small & soulfully, while supporting artisanal makers.

We love to laugh, would do anything for a friend, raise kind babies, run strong businesses, believe there's not much a glass of wine and a hammock can't cure, and dance our asses off to anything from the 80's. Cosmically, we're modern women who sincerely believe in the power of positivity, self-reflection, and kindness to ourselves, our community, and our planet. We are always discovering layers of this spiritual world, its creativity, its magic.

This work - discovering the potential of attraction, manifesting, and holistic self love has and always will be renewing. What we would say, is that Jupiter Goods is level 1 (maybe 2) hippie-woo. Don't worry, you're not drinking toxic tea or tripping on our goods, and we're not casting evil spells. Just a collection of cosmic things to spark mindfulness for your everyday, celestial life. 

This shop is a great place to start if you have no idea how to work with crystals, tarot, chakras, so on and so forth – we're learning too! We discover something new of this universe every day and try our best to pass that knowledge - in a very relatable way to you, our soul sisters.

Your health, happiness, and well-being are paramount to living the most joyous and full life here on earth.

Have any questions, or just want to say hi? Email me directly: io@jupitergoods.co

Thank you for being here - hope you have an amazing day.