magical desk

Focus, set your intentions, do the work, & find dazzling journies unfold for the work that lights you up. This kit includes our favorite office inspirations.


the crystal ball

for radiant energies

“Hippie woo-woo” perhaps, but if you believe in the power of positive energy, hang this crystal from the ceiling over the center of your desk. Imagine it sending a multi-faceted flow of color, light, and good vibes around your space. If you position it just right, the sun or other bright sources will light this up with beautiful bursts of color.


the air plant

nurture & breathe

Keep it light! This air plant is a tiny, living reminder to breathe deep and be open to new, uplifting ideas for your goals. Every idea needs nurturing - spritz this little love with water once a week to keep the magic alive. When it’s time to spritz, this is naturally a good time to close your eyes, open up, and invite new ideas into your space.


space pen & journal

dream like a boss

Bring your goals to life! To-dos, sketches, listing dreamy clients, all the gratitude... you call it. Let this happy pocket journal and glowing pen capture your thoughts. When you set your intentions, the best of futures can be crafted. Hint - this process may have even brought us together.